Want a Flash Player for the Sidekick 3?

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If you want a flash player for the Sidekick 3, well, you’re not alone. Thousands of people out there are looking for a flash player for the Sidekick 3. And here’s what it comes down to…

You will need to develop one yourself, or find someone to do it.

That said, we at the Internet Patrol are actually looking in to that very thing ourselves! So, stay tuned! Or you can sign up for our Sidekick 3 mailing list, where we will announce it the very moment that a flash player for the Sidekick 3 becomes available.

You can sign up for the Sidekick 3 mailing list here:

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25 thoughts on “Want a Flash Player for the Sidekick 3?

  1. So what format do u download it with becuse its only saying windows 5.0 and some other one and can I download it straight from the internet with my sk08

  2. Not THAT flashlight you idiot.
    FlashLite not flashlight. Its a software program you install. I can watch full length videos on my sk08. Jus like a blackberry.

  3. Flash light is only a… flashlight, it has strobe,flashlight,and lighter thingy so I don’t think it would work

  4. This shit sucks n where can I find flashlite??they say u can see myspace but shit I can’t see layouts or hear songs!!!!!if u really think they gonna make something with out chargin at that point get flashlite so u know it will work!!!!!!!!!

  5. I need this flashplayer asap!! And also I can’t check my album unless I’m on the computer wassup wit dat?

  6. Ive been reading a lot of things for the sidekick 3 most of the things say flashlite 2 might work

  7. I think that’s real fuck up how I purchased my new sk3 thinking that it has everything come 2 find out it doesn’t have a flash player.I can’t watch videos on it.aint this some shit……………….

  8. Fuck we need that please may be somebody can do an alternative in linus or other open source.

  9. They will never make flash, these people are a joke!!

    Fat chance in you supplying a download app to get onto the sk3, sk slide.

    Won’t happen guys, these people are full of shit. Flash and videos will back the t-mobile and telstra servers up… will never happen.


  10. Where can i get this flashlite you speak about? Id really appreciate if you can help me.

  11. If you are looking for flash player for your sidekick then you can use flashlite. It is harder to get and is used only for companys but you can get it

  12. This is FUCKED UP I can’t even watch videos on my sk3.It has everything but a flash player.

  13. Damn dat fuked up the sk3 I can’t watch porno on it lolj/k but rele we need this

  14. So, they are going to develop flash player for sidekick 3 ? I was trying to log onto my flash webpage but it doesn’t load because it doesn’t support. When will they come up with flash player ?

  15. To you guys whose on the case of looking for the sidekick’s ‘flash player’, while you’re at it, how bout checking out the MSN messenger as well plez, somehow in UK they’ve taken this apps out… bummer!!!

  16. Seriously….why hasn’t anyone come up with one of these?! Someone create one PLEASE so I can listen to my MLB.com games!

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