VoIP Video a Reality with Dialcom’s Spontania Video4Skype

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VoIP is the new VoIP! Spontania is Video4Skype!

“What’s that Aunty?” you ask. “Have you had too many add-shots in your Starbucks today?”

Nope! Video over IP is the new “VoIP”! Where VoIP has always stood for Voice over IP (Internet protocol), you can now combine your VoIP with Video over IP!

Dialcom, a European tele-conferencing firm, has developed the first video-over-IP client, “Spontania”. And the first implementation of Spontania is being called Video4Skype because, well, it’s video for Skype!

Available for free, Video4Skype requires Windows 2000 or XP, with a minimum 400MHz CPU, 128mb RAM and 15mb free disk space, a webcam and a broadband connection. (Want it for Mac? Dialcom is requesting that sort of feedback here.)

Aunty is really curious to know how easily and well it works, so intrepid fearless readers, please report back!

You can download your Video4Skype at http://www.video4skype.com/

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3 thoughts on “VoIP Video a Reality with Dialcom’s Spontania Video4Skype

  1. The new version is already available. I’ve tested and is so great!!!. Much more better that VSkype (no way..). Good job, and thanks!!

  2. It’s really great. 20″ and that’s it. High video quality with limited bandwidth. Great job Dialcom. What are the next features?

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