Using the Internet to Get the Word Out: Wolf Sanctuary Burned Out by Colorado Wildfire

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Every once in a while we get to do something that is really meaningful, worthwhile and, above all, helpful to those truly in need. As the Colorado High Park Fire wildfire near Fort Collins continues to burn out of control – currently up to 43,000 acres with just 5% containment – buildings, and one life, have been lost. And the Wolf Sanctuary, a non-profit dedicated to rescuing captive wolves and wolf hybrids, and giving them a forever home that understands and meets their unique needs, has been burned out.

This is your chance to make an immediate difference for animals and an organization in desparate need because of the Colorado fire.

The Wolf Sanctuary is an amazing organization. Their mission includes:

Rescue – save captive-bred wolves and wolf-dogs whose caretakers are no longer able to provide for them, for whatever reason.

Sanctuary – provide life-long homes that take into account not only the animal’s physical requirements but also its emotional needs.

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They have already lost a building to the fire, and they have had to MOVE half of the wolves to board members’ homes, where they are having to staff round-the-clock volunteers to be with the displaced wolves.

They desparately need to buy food for both the wolves and the volunteers – NOW.

Please donate something now – even a dollar helps. You can donate through Paypal, and they are a registered non-profit so it is tax-deductible.

The Internet Patrol has just donated $100 to them, and we hope that you will donate something – anything. Even a single dollar helps. And other companies and organizations – we challenge you to match our donation.

You can Paypal your donation to [email protected], or follow the links on their website, here.


And, please let us know, in the comment section below, when you have donated – you don’t have to say how much – just please let us know that you did.

And please share this article far and wide.

Thank you!

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8 thoughts on “Using the Internet to Get the Word Out: Wolf Sanctuary Burned Out by Colorado Wildfire

  1. I gave…
    I flinked the human test, and I’m not going to retype my message…
    Posting your notice on my FB page now.

  2. I donated as soon as I received your message. God bless you and those you seek to help.

  3. Thank you so much, Anne, for letting us know about this…I did donate and will repost on FB, and hope others will do the same — you and your family are to be commended for consistently being the amazing animal advocates that you are — thank you again!!

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