U.S. Phisher Implicated in Global Phish Netting

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In case you had any doubts about the global nature – the complex world-wide intricacies – of phishing networks, doubt no more.

Case in point: Douglas Harvard and Lee Elwood were both sentenced in England this week to several years in jail for their part in a global phishing scam. The two used stolen credit card information to make bogus credit cards for what authorities describe as a global syndicate and, indeed, Harvard is a U.S. citizen from Dallas, Texas, and Elwood a Scottish citizen from Glasgow. But it doesn’t stop there.

The Scotsman and the American in turn received the stolen credit card details from Russian hackers, who supplied them with the data to make fake credit cards which were then used in Britain and the United States.
The lot of them were all part of one of the known Eastern European crime syndicates.


You won’t be after this week’s episode of Soap.

Oh…wait..wrong drama.

Said Mick Deats, of Britain’s National High Tech Crime Unit, “Internet fraud is on the increase and we work with our colleagues in law enforcement across the globe to stamp down on those criminals using other people’s identities to steal. We hope that these sentences deliver a tough message to anybody either thinking about or actually using other people’s identities to steal.”

It’s just like Aunty always says… if you give a man a phish, you’ve scammed him for a day, but teach a man to phish, and you’ve ruined him for a lifetime.

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