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According to public sources, Scott Richter, who is being sued by New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, and Microsoft, has stated that he is close to reaching a settlement with Spitzer. On the other hand, he says that talks with Microsoft “haven’t progressed as far”.

And more than one inside source has told us that they don’t expect that Richter’s lawsuit against SpamCop, and their parent company Ironport, will be around for very long either.

Scott Richter SitsTightRealBig

Our advice to Mr. Richter is “Run, Forrest, Run”; now is the time for him to ComeCleanRealBig, and give up his spamming ways – all of them, and make an honest man of himself. Agreeing to comply with CAN-SPAM isn’t enough – Richter could become the poster child for “going straight and still Making Money Fast” by becoming the King of Confirmed Opt-In, instead of spam. Imagine it.

So, Mr. Richter, wherever you are – if you are reading this – and I’m sure that you are, do it! Like the reformed car thief who becomes a crime risk consultant to the auto industry, you could truly parlay this into a kinder, gentler high volume email deployment business.

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