Two Internet Worms Target MSN Instant Messenger Users

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MSN Messenger has been added to the list of instant messenger programs which require heightened vigilence. Two security companies have discovered that there are two worms, one old and revised, and one new, which are targetting MSN Messenger users. As if we don’t have enough to worry about with phishers targetting Yahoo Messenger, and a security hole in Trillian.

The first is a variation on the Kelvir worm (Win32.Kelvir.a), and the latter is a brand new worm which as been dubbed by security company Aladdin Knowledge Systems “Win32.Serflog.a”, and which F-Secure is calling Sumom. Both worms are considered to be medium-to-high risk.

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Two Internet Worms Target MSN Instant Messenger Users

The Kelvir worm spreads itself by sending a message to an MSN Messenger user which contains a link. When the user clicks on the link, a program is downloaded to the user’s computer which, when executed, attempts to install multiple copies of itself on the user’s computer.


The Serflog or Sumom worm sends the target MSN Messenger user a message which reads something along the lines of “????omg click this!”. “This” is an attachment which, when clicked, drops the worm onto the user’s computer, and also installs hidden files which attempt to defeat MSN Messenger’s security features, and also blocks access to several websites.

As always, users should exercise extreme caution whenever presented with an unexpected file on an instant messenger client, or when someone they don’t know sends them a link.

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Two Internet Worms Target MSN Instant Messenger Users

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5 Replies to “Two Internet Worms Target MSN Instant Messenger Users”

  1. How do you solve this problem? My friend kept sending it and I was ignoring it, now I HAVE IT! DDD: What do we do?!!

  2. I have been getting the same message. I am hot in the display pic and they want to know who I am and where I’m from. This is a scam! They want me to contact via msn instant message. (emilytightbutt) is the person sending this junk.

  3. ive been getting e-mail messeges from this guy and he has been e-mailing me and i dont even know him!!!!!!!im starting to freak out!!!!!! what should i do??:(

  4. I have been getting email messeges from women I don’t know saying that they saw my picture on msn messenger and they said I am hot. ????? I have not ever put any pictures up online and I don’t think I ever filled out any profile for msn messenger. Is this a scam or just misdirected emails?

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