Phil Spector Twittering from Prison?

It would seem that Phil Spector is Twittering from prison. While it seems unlikely, even unbelievable – and speculation about whether it’s really Phil Spector Twittering from jail, or an imposter, abounds – in reading the actual Twitter messages, if it’s not Phil Spector (whose full name is actually Harvey Phillip Spector, or “Harvey P. Spector”), then it’s a darned good facsimile Tweeting in Phil Spector’s name.

Twitter Implicated in Swine Flu Panic

That darling grapevine of the 21st century, Twitter, is being socially indicted and implicated in the increasing panic over the currently-anticipated swine flu epidemic. According to Evgeny Morozov, a fellow at the Open Society Institute, in an article published on the website of the Foreign Policy magazine, “having millions of people wrap up all their fears into 140 characters and blurt them out in the public might have some dangerous consequences.”

Why Online Social Networking Sites Like Facebook and Twitter are for Grownups

The social networking generation gap technology has created is smaller than you may think. Online social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook used by adults? You bet! Facebook and Twitter are increasingly being used by Internet business people and entrepreneurs to reach both customers and peers. Taking a moment to update your Facebook status, or send the occasional message (“tweet”) on Twitter can pay big dividends! It’s the digital age and social networking online is a big part of online business! No longer are adults asking “What is Facebook?” – instead it’s the teens complaining that “Facebook is recently becoming very overpopulated with grownups!”

A New Breed of Twitter Spam

Recently I got a notice that someone of whom I’d never heard was following me on Twitter. Now, this isn’t all that unusual – it happens to me at least once or twice a day. But when I checked this person’s profile, it said they were following 32,244 people! Yes, I’d run into a new breed of spammer – pushing a new breed of Twitter spam.