Trojan Virus Steals World of Warcraft Passwords, Win32.WOW Lets Author Steal Your World of Warcraft Items and Sell Them

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A new trojan virus, Win32.WOW, steals your World of Warcraft password and lets the trojan’s author steal your World of Warcraft gold and World of Warcraft items, and sell them out from under your nose.

Gamers take their gold and items very seriously, so stealing someone’s World of Warcraft gold or World of Warcraft items is no laughing matter. People have been killed for stealing a virtual game item, and couples have fought over custody of game items.

According to Microworld, an Indian anti-virus company, the Win32.WOW trojan is spreading like wildfire. It is being spread through email, peer-to-peer downloads, and even through “drive-by” installs which are pushed through browser exploits onto a user’s computer as they visit a gaming or other site

Explained Microworld CEo Govind Rammurthy, “Win32.WOW is a clear indication that malware writers are targeting anything that involves money. Bucks may be smaller compared to a Trojan that steals bank accounts or credit card numbers… cyber criminals are not complaining as long as the target is soft and numbers are high.”

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12 thoughts on “Trojan Virus Steals World of Warcraft Passwords, Win32.WOW Lets Author Steal Your World of Warcraft Items and Sell Them

  1. Hmm i got hacked today. I couldnt enter because my password didnt match so i changed it and logged on. Sometime later the password changed again and i quicky changed my email adress and even quicker changed my password.. my chars were broke and half naked, but a gm returned everything back…i scanede for viruses and i found troja but it didnt do alot of dmg to me…

  2. I have this virus, what happens is when you loggin, the virus obtains your password and logs on repeatedly (you get disconnected) and they sell your items and send all the money to another account and if your unlucky like me, they delete your characters. If you get this, inform blizzard imediatly, change your password and DO NOT log in again or they will re-obtain your password. Blizzard can restore accounts and items if deleted or stolen. Goodluck and i hope this helps.

  3. If you keep getting gold stolen, even after you change your password then you have a keylogger virus, and a hacker can see the password you type in. A way to combat this is to coppy the first half of your password and then type the rest in. lets say your password is mountain, the hacker will see (Control) (c) (t)(a)(i) (n)

  4. I have been ripped off twice now. Once when I bid for some armour and from a sale. The armour and the gold were stolen from my mail. If I ever found out a way I would definitely get full revenge on this person (s).

  5. my pw got jacked today, i cant get it back in any form, this sucks, too bad they didnt warn us or the trojan could not be found on my PC =/ damn it..

  6. i like to play World of Warcraft and get account freee plz can we get 1 account with message plz

  7. i dont know if i caught this virus but my gold keeps getting stollen and i keep changing my password how do i tell whats going om

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  9. Wow that sucks. Quickly, bitch about antivirus companies because they are killing little viruses.

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