How to Transfer a Domain to Another Person with GoDaddy

Suppose you have an internet domain that is registered with GoDaddy, and suppose you want to transfer that domain to another person, through GoDaddy? Even with GoDaddy’s updated and arguably improved interface, it’s still not clear just how to transfer a domain to another person.


Of course, you may actually be wanting to keep your domains, and tranfer them to another registrar, given the outrage that GoDaddy has engendered over such things as elephant-killing. But this article deals with how to transfer a domain to a 3rd party (such as someone to whom you have sold the domain).

GoDaddy calls this an “account change”. Which makes sense. But when you begin the process for transferring the domain to someone else (the “account change”) some of the steps can seem daunting, alarming, or even just plain wrong (such as when GoDaddy warns you that if you proceed, certain products and services will be disrupted or, even, “terminated”).

The first step is to go into your GoDaddy account, and click on “Account Change”.


This will bring up this screen, into which you will enter the email address of the person to whom you are transferring the domain. If they already have a GoDaddy account of their own, and if you have their account information, you can enter that at this point as well, which will make the rest of the process even faster.

transfer domain godaddy

If you don’t have their account information, then you will need to manually enter their name, address and telephone number, as well as to confirm – somewhat confusingly – that you are “authorized to act on their behalf”, on the next screen.


Now come the scary warnings, telling you that if you go through with this, things such as free hosting and email will be terminated, and that websites and DNS may be disrupted. What this is essentially saying is that whatever you had attached to this domain will not transfer over to the new owner, and that all they are getting is the domain itself.


If everything looks right, click on “Finish” and this will lob the ball into the other person’s court. They will be contacted by GoDaddy to accept the transfer. GoDaddy also will send you a confirmation like this:

Subject: Change of Registrant Initiated

Domain name change of registrant pending

Dear Internet Patrol,

This message is to confirm that a change of registrant has been initiated for the following domain name(s):

The email address for the new registrant of the domain is [ ]

GoDaddy has determined that the registrant has provided the necessary documentation to initiate a change of account. If for any reason this information is incorrect or you feel this change of registrant request was made in error, please contact us within 15 days at

To retrieve your customer number or password hint or to reset your password, click here.



Note that you can rescind it by emailing within 15 days, and also note that the person to whom you are transferring the domain has to accept it or it won’t go through.

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