Top Web Browsers for Android in 2020

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Web browsers open a whole new world of infotainment to people. This gets even better as browsers have been customized to run on mobile devices. Since there are so many web browsers around, we have cut through the fat and handpicked the top web browsers for Android in 2020.

Google Chrome is one of the top Android browsers in 2020. It is so popular that most smartphones come with a pre-installed version of the browser. So, why is Chrome such as popular browser?

Basically, Chrome’s functionalities are what make it a go-to browser. For starters, the browser starts up more quickly compared to the others. In addition, Google designed Chrome with users in mind, meaning it is aimed at helping people using it to navigate quickly and get things done easier.

Mozilla’s Firefox comes second in popularity to Chrome. But unlike most major Android browsers that are built on Chromium, Firefox uses a Quantum engine.

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Part of the reason why Firefox is not as popular as Chrome is due to its slow speed. However, over time, Mozilla has improved the browser, giving Chrome a run for its money.

Firefox has some unique features which give it a competitive edge over its rivals. The browser features a collection of customizable themes and extensions such as Dark Reader that enhances user experience.

The Brave browser is considered one of the most secure browsers, which explains why it is in the top three. The browser is built on Chromium technology, giving it some similarities to Chrome.

Brave boasts an appealing yet simple and clean homepage, devoid of ads or unnecessary content. It also features a built-in pop-up blocker and Dark Mode.

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Opera is an open-source Chromium engine, making it closely related to Chrome. It is light, and fast which has earned it a lot of respect.

The browser features Instant Search and predictive website preload ability, as well as other useful tools to enhance user experience.

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft developed the Edge for Windows 10 as an in-house browsing engine. Though it is Windows 10’s default browser, Edge has been dodged by instability problems which have seen it lose a substantial chunk of the market. However, Microsoft rushed in a new version in February to resolve problems in the previous version.

Edge is fast, light, and easy to navigate, making it ideal for devices with low memory. It allows you to import bookmarks from Chrome, and supports the browser’s extensions.

The above top web browsers for Android in 2020 guarantee you a great browsing experience.

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