Top Spammer Jeremy Jaynes Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison

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Some of you may recall the trial of notorious spammer Jeremy Jaynes in November of last year. Jeremy Jaynes was considered to be one of the most prolific spammers around, pumping out an incredible 10million pieces of spam a day from his suburban Raleigh, North Carolina home. In fact, he was listed among the top ten spammers worldwide by anti-spam organization SpamHaus.

This week a Virginia jury has returned a nine-year prison sentence for Jaynes, although Judge Thomas Horne has postponed the beginning of Jaynes’ prison time pending the outcome of his appeal. Jaynes remain free on bond until that appeal is heard and decided. Judge Horne based his decision on the fact that the law is new, and raises some constitutional questions, including the right of a state to regulate interstate commerce, and apply the law to someone who was sitting in North Carolina at the time that the crime was committed. Jaynes’ spam flowed through AOL’s mail servers, which are located in Virginia.

In the meantime Jaynes told the judge that “I can guarantee the court I will not be involved in the e-mail marketing business again.”

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