Tiger in Your Tank, or Tiger Tanked?

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The early reviews of Mac’s new Tiger have been mixed, to be sure. And in addition to the usual bugs, it seems that folks are really up in arms about the UI (User Interface). Indeed, enough people of sufficient clue are experiencing both issues and negative reactions to give Aunty pause before running out to get her own Tiger license. And Aunty sure would like to hear from you, dear readers, about your own experiences with Tiger.

Here’s what some others are saying about the ordea..er..experience of “upgrading” to Tiger from previous installs of OS X:

Says reviewer John Siracusa at arstechnica, “I don’t know about you, but I like the Panther look a heck of a lot better. The first time I saw the new Mail toolbar, I filed a bug on it. (Radar 3968093: “Toolbar buttons in Mail 2.0 are hideously ugly.”) It was immediately closed as a duplicate, so at least one other person agrees with me. (Maybe it was this person.) The whole Mail application looks like it got beaten with the ugly stick in Tiger.”

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Tiger in Your Tank, or Tiger Tanked?

More concerningly, Dan Shafer at Eclecticity says that “It does appear my mail is hosed. That is, I cannot seem to restore all my old email folders’ contents. The folders appear in the new mail app but they are all empty despite having tons of stuff in their .mbox files.” (Fortunately he figured out to use the import feature to restore them!)

And this quote, from a friend of Aunty’s who prefers to remain nameless for rather obvious reasons, “I’m an Apple Developer and have had access to Tiger since its early seed stages. Suffice to say, I’m in no hurry to put Tiger on my PowerBook. Waiting for 10.4.1 will be a good thing for many folks.”

But Aunty’s favourite comment has got to be this one, by user Craig: “I really think that there must have been some serious crack fumes in the AC ducts in the UI dept at Apple while they were working on Tiger.”


So how about it, dear readers? What has your experience with Tiger been so far? Do you have a Tiger in your tank? Or has your Tiger tanked?

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Tiger in Your Tank, or Tiger Tanked?

Get notified of new Internet Patrol articles!

If you find this useful please share it!

6 Replies to “Tiger in Your Tank, or Tiger Tanked?”

  1. Have Tiger up and running on a few machines, and everything is running smoothly. No complaints.

  2. I will let you know just as soon as I can get Tiger to come up on my monitor. I have tried the options in listed in the booklet that came with Tiger software, but no luck. Whatever happened to load with ease and begin to use, as in “User Friendly”?

  3. Been running tiger on my Dual G5 for a week or so now, and I really have no problems at all with it. Everything that I need works as expected.

  4. I installed Mac OX 10.4.0 (Tiger) this weekend on a 1.33 GHz, 12-inch PowerBook.
    I followed these steps:
    1. Updated all software (Apple and others).
    2. Backuped all data and applications.
    3. Installed Tiger via the DVD and let it do its thing.
    4. Tested various apps.

    I found one problem. I could not print to my Samsung CLP-550N color, ethernet connected, laser printer. I found a solution (HP Jet Direct).

    I am very happy with Tiger.


  5. I’m diggin’ the new Tiger overall. Some of the UI and look-n’-feel are a bit wonky, and I’m leaning towards the camp of the “make it constant!” but overall I’m really grooving on the new features and the speed bump (up) on my G5…

  6. I’ve really only had one complaint about Tiger, and it’s iTunes related. I can’t do any fast user switching without iTunes halting audio output to the main speakers. iTunes continues to play to nowhere (unless you already had it streaming to an Airport Express) while the other user is logged in.

    I have no complaints about the UI. I think Mail 2.0 looks just fine the way it is, though your mileage may vary.

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