Three Men Sentenced and Jailed for Using Internet Chat Website to Incite Terrorism

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Three men were sentenced and jailed in England this past week for using the Internet to incite acts of terrorism. Specifically, Younes Tsouli, Waseem Mughal and Tariq Al-Daour were sentenced to jail after pleading guilty to running a chat site on which they incited people to commit acts which amounted to murder, all in the name of Holy War.

Evidence as presented that Tsouli, Mughal and Al-Daour had links to al Qaeda, and had all been lead to believe that there was a global conspiracy to eradicate Islam.

Younes Tsouli, in particular, hosted a chat website dedicated to waging war to further the cause of Islam and defend against the ‘global conspiracy’. The case came to the fore when someone posted a message to the site which claimed to be from a group of forty-five doctors who, it was claimed, wanted to launch grenade and car bomb attacks within the United States.

While the three originally pleaded ‘not guilty’, they changed their pleas to ‘guilty’ and were sentenced to jail this week.

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One thought on “Three Men Sentenced and Jailed for Using Internet Chat Website to Incite Terrorism

  1. On nate a numberly of chieves who intend to corn&steal others.Kindly always deal with them&save the world.Thank

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