This List Tells You Who Is Advertising in Spam

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The Internet Patrol is a big fan of that section of CAN-SPAM which allows for prosecution of the people who are advertising in spam, in addition to those who are sending the spam. We have long said that going after the advertisers makes a lot of sense, and is one of the quickest (and legally easiest) ways to make a dent in the spam problem.

Well, those of you who agree with us (and really, shouldn’t you all?) will appreciate this list which Spamcop has thoughtfully provided for us; it’s a realtime list of the URLs which are contained within the spam received by Spamcop’s spam reporters. In other words, a list of the advertisers, or those closely related thereto.

The list is available here, and really, it’s pretty nifty.

Update: The Spamcop list is no longer available, however the URIBL also publishes a list of domains used in spam.

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