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We are very pleased to announce the Site for the Cure.

The Site for the Cure is a site which allows anyone participating in any charity event such as a walk, race, run or ride for charity to talk about what they are doing and why they are doing it, to talk about the event, and to link to their own sponsor page in order to raise sponsorship funds.

You know the sorts of events: the Race for the Cure, the Run for the Cure, the Ride for the Cure, the Walk for the Cure, and so on, all benefitting various charities and the people whom they represent. Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, etc..

The way that these events work, typically, is that someone signs up to participate in the event, and then they have to find sponsors. For example, if you are walking to benefit diabetes, you get people to pledge that they will contribute a dollar for every mile your walk, or will pay $25.00 if you complete the walk, or perhaps will simply contribute something because you are doing the walk. All of the money you raise goes to the particular charity.

There are lots and lots of these events, all around the country, to benefit lots and lots of organizations, and lots and lots of causes.

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What there isn’t – or at least wasn’t until now – was an online community dedicated to these events and the people who participate in them. A place where the participants could showcase their particular cause, where people participating in the same or similar events could meet and talk, and where others could find events and individuals to sponsor based on the event, the location, or the cause.

The Site for the Cure changes all that, offering each indivual user their own area on the site, with a blog, a place to post their sponsorship link, and forums in which to chat with others. In addition, the Site for the Cure allows people to search for sponsorship opportunities by name, location, cause, and event.

So, if you or someone you know is participating in such an event, register it on the Site for the Cure – it’s free! And if you’re looking for a worthy cause to which to donate a little money, look no further than the Site for the Cure.

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