Where to Find the UPS / IBT / Central States Model QDRO Online (Hint: It’s Here)

Why are we writing about UPS QDROs on a site devoted to all things Internet? And just what is a QDRO? The answer to the first question is because people are searching for the UPS model QDRO (also the Central States model QDRO as it relates to UPS) online, and it’s crazy that such a standard form isn’t readily available on the Internet, so we decided to make it so!

What the Melania Trump Website Looked Like and Said Before it was Taken Down

Melania Trump’s website was taken down yesterday, over questions about her claim to have obtained a college degree in design and architecture from the University of Slovenia. MelaniaTrump.com now forwards to the primary Donald Trump website. But because everything on the Internet persists, and because Mrs. Trump is a public figure, we can show you exactly what that site looked like, and what it said. Here’s what Mrs. Trump website looked like, and what it said, before it was taken down.

What does ITML Stand for? It Stands for “Information Technology Markup Language”

The other day someone ran across an .itml page (as opposed to an .html page), and they asked us what it was. “Is ITML some new web language that is going to take the place of HTML?” they asked us. No, ITML was not intended to replace HTML. Rather, it was a ‘language’ (in the same sense that HTML is a language) aimed at providing easier integration in the ASP (Application Service Provider) arena.

Clickjacking – Getting Tricked into Clicking on Invisible URLs

Click jacking is a malicious practice in which the bad guys essentially lay an invisible web page on top of the page that the user sees, so that when the user clicks a button or link, they are really performing the action of the invisible link that is overlayed on top of the button or link they believe that they are clicking (hence the term “click jack”). Often that invisible link is structured to grab their confidential information, such as a username and password.