9 thoughts on “The “Rejected ACH Transaction Canceled” Scam Email

  1. Here is how it appeared in my email. It says ‘Online Banking Account’ instead of checking.
    The ACH transaction, just initiated from your online banking account, was aborted by the Electronic Payments Association.

    Aborted ACH transaction
    ACH Processing Case ID L273321 (All of this appeared in one of those charts.)
    Amount 1388.27 US Dollars
    Sender contact d.grogg@juno.com
    Reason of rejection See attached word document

    Please check the document given below to view more info about this issue.

  2. I’m receiving these messages practically on a daily basis.
    Spam Fighter software filters them out and my anti virus application identified a virus “CI.A” contained in the attachment.BTW, I never opened an attachment. Again a warning to never leave your computer unprotected
    Thanks for your info.

  3. I just recieved in my spam email, dated 9-1-2011, which I did NOT open, was this:
    NACHA ACH: Payment Canceled

    By doing a search on this, I know that this is a scam and malware. But, I am curious, as to how they get my email address, please? Does anyone have any feedback for me please. I really appreciate your time and help on this issue. And many, many thanks. Plus, anyone reading this. Please do NOT open this email, if you happen to get it. TYVVM! Be safe~ :-) Take care~

  4. @ Pierre: I too wish we could catch and punish these people. They are the lowest forms of life. Unfortunately, if they are located out of the US there’s very little our federal government can do. It’s total bunk. Thanks again for the great intel Internet Patrol! You rock!

  5. Thank you!!!! Windows has it blocked and I trusted Windows, thank god! Thanks for this site to verify for me!

  6. I find it odd, that after all these years, there is no industry authority, no government authority, no one, who is actively going after these evil people. There are not even any penalties in law about “willfully creating and or distributing a harmful computer file/program otherwise known as a virus”


    Suitable penalties would be very simple:
    Send these people back to the year 1962. That is to say they would not be able to own, lease or access technology more recent than 1962. And, of course, someone would periodically check to make sure they don’t. Of course every year that passes would allow them to come 2 years forwards in time.

    It would this take them 2011-1962=49=>49/2=24.5 years to catch up to current society.
    Meh! Make it an even 25 years, and then add a 5 year investigation to determine their eligibility! Would you want to be a hacker, then? Did not think so.

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