The Internet Patrol’s Personal List of Spammers

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The Internet Patrol is published by ISIPP Publishing. The CEO of ISIPP, Anne P. Mitchell, was one of the very first anti-spam attorneys in the United States. So it’s a really bad idea to spam her, or to spam us. If you spam us, we will out you. If you find yourself on this list, shame on you. To be clear, the definition of “spam” that we are using is that you put us on a mailing list even though you have no connection to us whatsoever, and we have never heard of you. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s legal or illegal – it’s wrong.

We are including both the name and from address, as well as the subject of the spam. For every single one of the names on the below list, we have personally received spam from them, and we have kept it, so it is available upon request.

Don’t think you belong on this list? You’re wrong.

This list was started on October 6, 2015, so only represents items received from that date forward.

From: Julius Narkus
Subject: Re: Personalization @ The Internet Patrol

From: Kristen Matthews
Subject: Your Invite for Tuesday Oct 13

From: “KQED”
Subject: On Q: Take the Leap

From: “KQED”
Subject: Discover KQED’s brand-new podcast The Leap

From: “Jeff Smith”
Subject: A successful Denver home inspection

From: Alexandra Minkin
Subject: Re; AdMedia: Q4 Revenue Blitz

From: Marissa Signer
Subject: Re: and Ezoic

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