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Here it is! Our definitive list of last minute gift ideas! Whether you are looking for some holiday gifts for guys, or an unusual gift for a woman, these unique gifts won’t be found in most holiday gift guides, or that list of the top 10 Christmas gifts that’s circulating around the Internet, so these unique gifts are sure to please! And they are all tried and tested by us, and so we can personally recommend them!


The WikiReader

First up is the new WikiReader, which puts the entire Wikipedia in your pocket – no Internet required! We are so enthralled with the Wikireader that we said in our review of it: “Wondering what to get that person who has everything – that person you want to surprise with the newest gadget – or that digital-age child with a thirst for knowledge and quest for the coolest electronic device? Look no further than the WikiReader – the device that promises (and delivers) the Wikipedia in your pocket! And the WikiReader is parent-approved as one of the few devices that lets your child be cool in that way that only the cachet of an “Internet device” can do, without actually giving them unsupervised access to the Internet! What’s more, it’s the quintessential educational device!


And you can get the WikiReader through Amazon with expedited (although not Prime) shipping, so even if you left your last-minute shopping to the very last minute, it’s not too late to get one or five of these as gifts!

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You can read up on the WikiReader here.



What can we say? We love our Chumby – it is one of the coolest gadgets ever – also, like the WikiReader, sure to be a hit with anybody of any age.

Chumby is a very simple, easy-to-use Internet receiver, wrapped up in a soft, squishy hand-hold sized package. Put another way, it’s a screen on which you can choose to have displayed any of your choice of hundreds of widgets and information bits (think the weather, news headlines, cute animals, email, games, you name it); the screen is a touch screen, so that you can interact with games and other fun interactive widgets. And because the screen is just about the size of a GPS, and because its ‘body’ is a soft, squeezable body, it’s easy and fun to hold in your hands, and carry around. Some would even call it cuddly.


And because if you give it to a child, the parent can control the content, it’s very child-safe!

You can read more about the Chumby here.



The Radio Bookmark

One of the coolest gadgets that we got this year was from an organization that we sponsored, Colorado Public Radio. It’s called a “Radio Bookmark”, and the particular one that we got was the “NPR Radio Bookmark.” What is a Radio Bookmark? Where can you get one? Read on!

The Radio Bookmark, which looks like a USB thumb drive, and you carry on your keychain, works like this: you are driving down the road, listening to something on NPR, and you think “Hey, I want to tell Joe about this!”, or you get to your destination and the interview or show you are listening to isn’t over, and you want to know how the story ends.

Well, just press a button on the Radio Bookmark, and the next time you are at your computer, plug the Radio Bookmark into your USB port, and it will automatically find the exact item to which you were listening, so that you can listen to the rest of it!

Check out our full review of the Radio Bookmark here



The Geek Atlas

If you have a geek on your list who loves books, then this is the gift for them – especially because odds are that they don’t even know that it exists, let alone that they might have it.

The Geek Atlas: 128 Places Where Science and Technology Come Alive is by no means your typical travel guide. And, it is by no means intended only for geeks. In fact, many of the places listed in The Geek Atlas are “must visit” places for any parent hoping to give their child even the semblence of a well-rounded education about science or technology, where each have come from, and where they are headed.


The Geek Atlas is available from Amazon with both overnight and 2-day prime shipping – perfect for that last-minute gift! You can buy The Geek Atlas from Amazon here.


Hewlett-Packard (HP) Digital Picture Frame with Wifi, and SMS- and Email-Receive Capabilities

This has to be the ultimate digital picture frame – not only will it connect to your wifi for ease of picture-loading, but you can actually text message it with pictures from your cell phone, and also email pictures to it. That makes this the perfect gift for grandparents and other loved ones who are far away – send them this nifty digital photo display and then email or text them new pictures of the grandkids!




Of course, you can also load pictures directly onto the SD card which the frame uses. In fact, we purchased one for our overseas grandparents, loaded up an SD card with pictures, and sent it along as the perfect Christmas present. Now when we want to share new pictures with Grandma and Grandpa, we can just email them right to the picture frame, and the next time they look at the display, there will be the new pictures!

The HP Digital Picture Frame with Wifi, Email, and SMS Text Messaging is available from Amazon here and overnight and 2-day shipping is available.



Tribest Personal Blender

For that foodie on your list, wow them with the Tribest Personal Blender! We reviewed this over at our raw food website, and we could not be happier with this versatile blender, chopper and grinder! The first choice of professional raw food chefs and others who are into a healthier way of preparing food, the Tribest Personal Blender does it all, and with such ease and simplicity that they’ll wonder how they got along without it!


Read more about the Tribest Personal Blender.

We hope that these unique gift ideas have given you some ideas for your own gift shopping list! Please add your own ideas in the comment section below!

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  1. These gadgets are really cool!

    I’m sure whoever received a present like these, I’m sure will be happy..:)

    Thanks for sharing this idea!

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