The Internet Patrol Hits #8 in The 50 Best Safety and Security Sites!

We are very proud to announce that The Internet Patrol is listed as #8 in the Forensic Science Technician’s list of the 50 Best Safety and Security sites!

At the Forensic Science Technician’s site, you can find all sorts of resources for folks who want to be forensic scientists. Lists and reviews of the schools with the top forensic sciences programs, insights into what it’s really like to be a forensic scientist, and more.

While the site is new, it shows a lot of promise!

Back to that Top 50 list… the site explains:

“With the amount of violence and crime increasing in today’s society, now more than ever we need to be aware of our surroundings and the issues affecting ourselves and our loved ones safety. There are several blogs out there from a wide range of experts on issues such as Internet and Identity theft, National security, and crime prevention. Here’s a list of some of the best blogs we have found that can help you stay abreast of safety issues, helpful advice, and current events that are important to you and your family’s security.”

You can read the list of the Top 50 Best Safety and Security sites, and check out the other 49, here.

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One Reply to “The Internet Patrol Hits #8 in The 50 Best Safety and Security Sites!”

  1. Does it seem very strange with all of the new advancements in internet security. It is like this has soon has a new security advancement against these Hackers. It seems like the hackers know before hand of new security soft wear to make there lifes harder on these hackers. It is like they have one foot in the internet security system And the other foot into the criminal world of hacking. Could there be what would be called double agents in the cyber world. For these who decide to be a major pain in interet security.Could they also be making a huge personel profit in the world of hacking.The hackers know to quickly the internet security system. it brings new meaning to having your foot in the door.

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