The Best and Safest Way to Download Free Ringtones!

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  • The Best and Safest Way to Download Free Ringtones!


We get questions like “Where can i find free ringtones online?”, “Where are the free mp3 ringtones?”, and “How do I download free ringtones for my phone?” all the time. But those questions really should be “How can I safely download free cell phone ringtones?” or “Where are the safe free ringtone downloads?”

What you need is free no catch ringtones! Where you get totally free ringtones, and there is no catch. Like, getting unauthorized charges on your cell phone (“free mobile ringtones” should mean free mobile ringtones)! Or getting spammed at your cell phone (you want cell phone ringtones, not cell phone spam)!

Because lots of places offer free ringtones for cellular phones, but many of them are anything but safe. (Just check out this article about free ringtone spammers Mblox and Dada.)

In fact, we haven’t found a single ringtone download site that is completely above board.

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And that’s why the best way – the safest way – to download free ringtones to your phone is to make them yourself.

And, it’s darned easy to do. Especially as there are tons of software programs out there which will help you to make your own ringtones easily – almost effortlessly – and best of all, when you make them yourself, they are free!

Now, while looking for a free ringtone download site that was totally legitimate, and didn’t stick you with hidden charges (or spyware or spam), we also searched for the ringtone maker that got the best reviews. And, surprisingly, it wasn’t Ringtone Maker 3, or Ringtone Media Studio. In fact, universally, these got pretty poor reviews, even though they each sell for as much as $30.00.

No, the ringtone maker that got the best reviews was The Ringtone Maker, which also is not only the least expensive (at just $16.49) but also has a free download version!

So check it out here for free, and start making your own free,
completely safe, ringtones:


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The Best and Safest Way to Download Free Ringtones!

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  • The Best and Safest Way to Download Free Ringtones!

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  1. I know of a site that i found that lets you make your own free ringtones, no strings attached. Check it out, here is the link

  2. One of the easiest ways to get ring tones, if you have the PC adapter for your phone is to simply download midi songs from the net. There are thousands of songs on midi pages, hymn pages… all around the net and they work fine.


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