Teen Steals Exam Answers with Key Logger

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And here Aunty thought that public school education in our country had gone down hill. Apparently our public schools are in fact turning out students well-suited to the demands of the next generation of technologists – or a life of crime.

A sixteen-year-old high school student in Fort Bend, Texas, has been arrested for stealing the answers to an upcoming exam. He did it by installing a key logger (a device which records which keys are pressed on a computer keyboard when somebody types) on the teacher’s computer.

The boy put the device, the size of a pen cap, on the back of his teacher’s computer when the teacher was not looking, and it remained there, capturing every keystroke, for four days, until the boy was questioned for trying to sell exam answers, and he confessed.

Aunty isn’t really sure what the moral of this story is – what do you, dear readers, think?

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4 thoughts on “Teen Steals Exam Answers with Key Logger

  1. Must have been an awful important Exam to go to this length… There are ads for this device in standard PC mags!

  2. There’s a Texan bright enough to install a key logger to steal the answers, but dumb enough to try to sell them? Yikes! I did not know that…

  3. There are school systems that haven’t blocked the use of USB/Firewire/serial/parallel ports?
    yikes! I didn’tknow that…

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