Teen Disses New Job – Gets Fired – Becomes Famous – All on Twitter

cella cellla_ job tweet
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Teenager Cella (@cellla_ on Twitter) apparently really wasn’t looking forward to her new job at Jet’s Pizza in Mansfield, Texas. So much so that she tweeted “Ew I start this fuckass job tomorrow,” followed by seven ‘thumbs down’ emoji. Following that tweet, she was promptly fired, also on Twitter.

As the story goes, Cella’s tweet was seen by another employee of the Mansfield, Texas Jet’s Pizza, that employee in turn brought it to the attention of the Jet’s Pizza franchise owner, Robert Waple, who responded with a tweet of his own the next day (the day Cella was due to start her job), saying “And….no you don’t start that FA job today! I just fired you! Good luck with your no money, no job life!”

cella cellla_ job tweet

However, apparently that should be amended to read “Good luck with your no money, no job, famous life,” because the exchange went viral, catapulting Cella to fame – of a sort.

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A visit to Cella’s Twitter timeline shows hundreds and hundreds of people tweeting to her from all around the world, telling her that she’s famous.

cella famous around the world

Some have also suggested that Waple invaded her privacy (what privacy in a public tweet?); and at least one tweeter advised Cella that Waple couldn’t fire her for it (wrong, Texas is an ‘at will’ employment state).

Of course, this is by far not the first time that there have been unintended consequences resulting from a slip of the electronic lips. Who can forget Justin Sacco’s tweeting “Going to Africa, hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!”, or Amy Strickland tweeting “every father’s nightmare – or nah?” above a picture of seven interracial high school couples headed to prom?

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We are given to wonder, however, whether in fact this is an unintended consequence. The current meme flooding Cella’s timeline – “you are famous in…” – seems perhaps a bit too pat – a bit too nonorganic – a bit too contrived.

Cella (@celll_) the ‘Famous’ Potty-mouthed Teen
cella the fuck ass job tweeting teen

In fact, Cella is now contemplating a Kickstarter campaign with her newfound ‘fame’, of which she says, and we quote:

“@Cellla_ Call it “Cella’s fuck ass kickstarter cuz fuck that fuck ass job” People will love it, people love tales of redemption!{Emphasis added}

So, what do you think? Was Waple right to fire Cella, or not?

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3 thoughts on “Teen Disses New Job – Gets Fired – Becomes Famous – All on Twitter

  1. Cella,

    Your 15 minutes of fame is over. Finish your education. Set lasting goals that will serve you and society well throughout the rest of your life.

  2. Why go to the job interview in the first place, wasting every bodies time. Cella is just too lazy to work, just wants to sit around on her bum all day. no commitment to anything.

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