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An SMS tea kettle which you can turn on by sending it a text message is being produced by British tea bastion PG Tips, reports news source Ananova. The SMS tea kettles are being called “ReadyWhenUR”, which should appeal to the l33t-speaking SMS texting generation.

According to reports, the ReadyWhenUR has a radio receiver which is programmed with your cell phone number, along with an electronic circuit and a tiny set of mechanical levers. In theory, I suppose, the idea is that you can SMS the tea kettle while you are on the road, so that the water is boiled and waiting for you when you get home. But doesn’t that mean that anyone with your number (or your tea kettle’s number) could do the same thing, over and over, and potentially set your house afire?

And of course it still doesn’t address the exhausting routine of having to pour the water yourself, get the tea bag out of the box, dunk the tea bag in the water, and bring the cup to your lips. Ah well, still, I suppose that it’s progress.

While there is no information about the ReadyWhenUR SMS tea kettle on the PG Tips website, a PG Tips spokesperson told Ananova, “It could revolutionise tea-time. Now there is no excuse for not putting the kettle on.”

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One thought on “Tea Kettles You Can Text Message – The SMS Tea Kettle

  1. That sounds amazing, I would honestly love to have a kettle that was ready for me by the time I got home. It’d probably cost me a fortune in texts though, the amount of tea I’d be drinking.

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