Target Discontinues Giving Red Card Proceeds to Schools, Cancels Take Charge of Education Program

target cancels take charge of education for schools program
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One of the advantages of having a Target Red card, whether the credit card or check debit card, in addition to free shipping when you order online from Target, was that you could feel good that 5% of the profits from your purchase were being given by Target to a school of your choice, through the Target Take Charge of Education program. Well, not any more. Target has just announced that they are terminating the Target Take Charge of Education program, effective six months from now, in May, 2016. Of course, they encourage you to spend big before then.

Now, if you follow the market (and we don’t), you’ll know that Target is doing all sorts of things to boost sales and profits, as their stock has trended steadily downward since around August of this year.

We get that.

But taking away one of the only reasons to feel good – not just thrifty (as you save 5% when you use a Target Red Card) – but affirmatively good, because you’re helping a worthy organization at the same time, while shopping, seems a lose-lose-win (consumer-schools-Target) proposition.

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If you hold a Target Red Card, let us know what you think of this move by Target.

In the meantime, in case you didn’t see it, here’s the announcement:

Changes to Target’s Take Charge of Education Program, May 2016

Community giving has always been, and continues to be, a cornerstone of our company. Since 1946, we’ve given five percent of our profits back to the communities where our guests and team members live and work. This year, Target reached a significant milestone in that giving: Over $1 billion of support to education. We’re glad that you’ve chosen to join us in supporting our schools and communities – by shopping with us and by using your REDcard™ to participate in Take Charge of Education.

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As we continue to look for the most impactful ways to support the causes that are most important to our guests, Target has decided to end the Take Charge of Education program as of May 14, 2016. Schools have been informed of the change and will still receive their annual payout check in February, as well as a final check shortly after the program ends. That means that your qualifying REDcard purchases made before then, including your holiday shopping this year, will still count toward your designated school’s payout.

While this is a change in how we give, we remain committed to being a vital part of our communities. Target will continue to support education through other programs, and will also expand our giving to include more connections to wellness. We thank you for being part of that support, and encourage you to watch for the new ways we will make contributions in your community.

Best Regards,
Target Card Services

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