Talk About Your Nifty Mobile Cell Phone Games – This One is Motion Detecting 3D Lawn Darts!

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Of all of the nifty mobile cell phone games we’ve seen, this one is really nifty! Taking its cue from the Wii, this game utilizes the camera in your cell phone to detect motion, and lets you aim and throw lawn darts, in 3D!
3D Lawn Darts is brought to us by Concrete Software, who are no strangers to fun and interesting cell phone games, although this is their first foray into 3D, motion-detecting cell phone games, making use of the cell phone’s camera to give it its Wii-like fun.

Concrete describes 3D Lawn Darts by saying that it “brings the classic game of lawn darts to your mobile device! Toss your darts in the backyard or really challenge yourself and play on the moon!

The fun and challenging 3D characters will have you playing over and over again. Your friends will love the easy to use multiplayer, pass the game back and forth or using Bluetooth so you can each use your own mobile.

Want to really get into the game? Try the all new camera motion sensing technology! If your device has a camera, you simulate a real throw with your device (don’t let go!!!), swinging forward like you are throwing a real dart!”

3D Lawn Darts is available for several different cell phone platforms, including the RAZR, and many other Motorola phones, and dozens of Nokia phones.

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Here are some “dart throwing” tips offered by Concrete:

Move device in a long, slow, and straight motion. This gives the game more information to analyze and decide where you are trying to throw!

Make sureyour fingers are not covering the camera on the back of your phone. The throwing motion of the phone is picked up by a picture taken while throwing.


Make thethrowing motion immediately after the phone vibrates. The phone is instructed to take a picture right after the vibration.

Make a forward motion, don’t make a backwards motion after the vibration. Making a backwards motion first will make the game think you are throwing behind you!

A short forward motion works! Since the power is decided by the ‘power bar’, you don’t have to throw hard. You can make a slow motion forward and it will throw in that direction!

Lighted areas work better than darker areas. If you are having troubles in a darker area, go to the options and recalibrate. This will make the game work just as well as the light area, but in a darker area.

If you are indoors or outside,try not to throw through a very bright area. For example indoors, lifting the phone up into a light will over expose the picture or outside lifting the phone into the sun or a bright reflecting area.

Objects in front of the throw are good! Carpet, desks, cabinets, chairs, etc. help the analysis of the camera, it gives the game an anchor to work from to decide what your motion is.

You can get 3D Lawn Darts directly from [Page no longer available – we have linked to the version instead].

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