Anyone Can Participate in Virtual Choir with Voices from Around the World

More than 2,000 people from 58 countries around the world participated in the 2011 “Virtual Choir 2.0” singing Eric Whitacre’s “Sleep” (the first Virtual Choir, Virtual Choir 1.0, “Lux Aurumque”, happened last year). The brain child of composer Eric Whitacre – who also produced and conducted both virtual choirs, the virtual chorale concept is a brilliant leveraging of YouTube, and the finished recording of the virtual chorus (see links below) is absolutely incredible – it sounds like you are in a vast concert hall filled with an incredible choir! And best of all, nearly anybody who can carry a tune can participate!

The YouTube “Warning: Your inbox is full, message not accepted” Scam

Recently a scam spam has surfaced that claims that your YouTube inbox is full, and that you have to go clear it out (another version of the same scam says that “You have 2 unread personal message”). The email, claiming to be from “”, has a subject of “Warning: Your inbox is full, message not accepted” (or, again, the “You have X unread personal message”), and advises you that “You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.” The link to your “inbox” of course, which looks like “”, actually goes to a malicious site – so far we’ve seen it go to,,, and