Hate Meetup’s New Design? Here’s How to Still Find Group Calendars and Past Meetups with the New Site Design

Wondering where did a Meetup group’s calendar go, and where the past meetups have gone? If you opted in to the new Meetup interface, you may find that you are no longer able to easily find the calendars and past meetups for the meetup groups to which you belong. We agree that the new site sucks! (If you haven’t already opted in to the new interface, count yourself lucky, and don’t do it!)

How to Find and Search Your Paypal History in the New Paypal Interface

With the new Paypal interface, you may be wondering just “where the hell is my Paypal history?” And more specifically, how can I search my Paypal transaction history for an email address, a name, or a transaction or other ID, like you used to be able to do? If you are trying to find your Paypal history, here’s how to find and search your Paypal history with the new Paypal dashboard.

How to Find Your Email Files on a Mac or Macbook

If you are trying to find your mail files on your Mac or Macbook, and wondering “Where are the mail files on a Mac”, and maybe even feeling a little bit dumb because you can’t find your mail files, well, that’s because in later versions of OS X, mail files are hidden! Apparently you’re not supposed to find your mail files on your Macbook or Mac! But we are going to tell you where your mail files are hidden because, well, that’s just how we roll.

How to go directly to your Amazon Instant Video Watch List with a Web Browser

If you use Amazon instant video, you may be wondering “Where is my Amazon TV watch list?” And of course, if you have Amazon prime, much of your Amazon Instant Video watch list will be free to you. With Internet television devices such as the Roku, many people are accessing their Amazon instant video watch list through the device, but some people still want to watch their Amazon prime videos on their computer, with a browser, and therein lies the rub.