Stop Using Internet Explorer Immediately, Warns Homeland Security

Both the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the UK analog are warning users around the world not to use Internet Explorer. The pointed warning to not use IE (any version of Internet Explorer) follows the discovery of “active exploitation of a use-after-free vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer,” and comes from both US CERT (Homeland Security’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team), and the UK’s CERT.

Did You Get a “Warning: Please Slow Down” Captcha When Messaging Someone on Facebook?

The Facebook security check warning says “Warning: Please Slow Down. It looks like you’re using this feature in a way it wasn’t meant to be used. Please slow down, or you could be blocked from using it.” This is what some people are seeing when they try to send, or reply to, a message within the Facebook messaging feature. The only problem is, people who rarely send messages at all are seeing it.