How to Remove Political Picture Posts from Your Facebook Timeline (and Yes, it Really Works!)

Sick of all the politically themed pictures that are cluttering up your Facebook timeline? Wish there were a way to get rid of the politics from your timeline? To simply delete those political pics from your Facebook wall? Well, there is! And we discovered it! Here’s how to automatically remove the political pictures from your Facebook newsfeed. And we also tell you how to find and update your preferences!

How to Find Somebody’s LinkedIn Wall

While Twitter and LinkedIn continually add features to try to be more like the other guys, they don’t always make it easy to find things (for example Twitter’s group message feature, or how to opt out of LinkedIn sponsored InMail). Here is how to find somebody’s LinkedIn wall, such as that of a friend or contact on LinkedIn, where they post updates to their LinkedIn stream.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page Hacked to Prove Security Hole

Palestinian security researcher Khalil Shreateh tried to warn Facebook – he really did. He did everything that he could think of to alert Facebook’s security and engineering folks to the fact that he had discovered a security flaw that allowed anyone to post to anybody else’s timeline, whether they were connected as friends or not. But they didn’t take him seriously (in fact they told him that it was not a security bug). So after all else failed, he posted a note on Mark Zuckerberg’s wall. And that did the trick.

How to Remove a Post or Comment from Your Facebook Wall

With the rash of Facebook spam and viruses going around (such as the “Vote for Nicole Santos” spam, and the “Please do your part in PREVENTING SPAM by VERIFYING YOUR ACCOUNT. Click VERIFY MY ACCOUNT right next to comment below to begin the verification process…” spam), it’s important that you know how to remove something that has been posted to your wall (never click on the “Remove this app” or “==VERIFY MY ACCOUNT==” links, those are links intended to trick you into infecting your machine!) Removing a post or comment from your wall is actually very easy. Here’s how to do it:

New Jersey Police Department in Kerfuffle Over Publishing Mug Shots on Facebook

You’ve heard of the neighborhood crime watch? That’s where the citizens of a neighborhood keep their eyes open for crimes in progress and report them to the police. Well, the police department in the town of Evesham, New Jersey, has turned this idea on its head. They are instead informing the local citizenry of people who have been accused of crimes. They are doing it by posting names and mugshots and other photos of suspects on Facebook! And these aren’t just suspects who have been booked – they are even posting pictures taken before a suspect has even been arrested (let alone charged).