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Google to Give and Tiny URL a Run for Their … Money?… with New “Shorten URL” Service

Google hasn’t moved to Greenland, even though the TLD (Top Level Domain) of its new URL shorten service “” is the domain for Greenland. With the announcement of, Google takes on other URL shortening services such as Tiny URL and And in case you are wondering what does URL stand for or “what is a url”, here is the URL definition: The term “URL” refers to the web address of a page on the world wide web. URL stands for ‘Uniform Resource Locator” – “uniform” because the addressing is standardized, “resource” refers to the content (or ‘resource’) on the web that you want to see, and “locator” referring to the fact that it points to that resources location on the web. The service allows you to take a long URL and shorten it to something that is much shorter but still takes you to the original page.