Where to Find the UPS / IBT / Central States Model QDRO Online (Hint: It’s Here)

Why are we writing about UPS QDROs on a site devoted to all things Internet? And just what is a QDRO? The answer to the first question is because people are searching for the UPS model QDRO (also the Central States model QDRO as it relates to UPS) online, and it’s crazy that such a standard form isn’t readily available on the Internet, so we decided to make it so!

UPS Using All Sorts of Mobile Technology to Spy on UPS Drivers

UPS trucks are equipped with a dizzying array of technology – including 200 telematics sensors – that UPS is using to spy on drivers. According to UPS, the driver surveillance is used to optimize delivery and the company’s bottom line. From knowing when a driver buckles their seatbelt, to every time the driver opens and closes the door (using a remote keyfob because using a key takes too long), to the exact moment each time the driver starts or stops the engine, to how often and for how long a driver backs up, UPS is monitoring every little detail of their drivers’ day.