How to Find Somebody’s LinkedIn Wall

While Twitter and LinkedIn continually add features to try to be more like the other guys, they don’t always make it easy to find things (for example Twitter’s group message feature, or how to opt out of LinkedIn sponsored InMail). Here is how to find somebody’s LinkedIn wall, such as that of a friend or contact on LinkedIn, where they post updates to their LinkedIn stream.

How to Get Rid of Spotify Updates on Facebook

Some time ago Facebook and Spotify unleashed an app that spews Spotify spam all over your Facebook wall or Facebook timeline. Any time any of your Facebook friends listens to music on Spotify, if they are using the Spotify app, it posts to your wall telling you what they are listening to. “So-and-so listened to such-and-such on Spotify.” Who the flip cares? If we wanted to know what our friends on Facebook were listening to, we’d go to their house and listen with them! Here is how to remove the Spotify notifications from your Facebook page.