How to Unsubscribe from Google Birthdays Calendar

In the frenzy of the holidays, you may have missed Google’s little gift to you: they have subscribed you to the Google Birthdays calendar – whether you want it or not. Now you will be notified of every single birthday that every single person in your G+ circles has – whether you want it or not. Oh, and they have made it nearly impossible to figure out how to delete or unsubscribe from the Birthday calendar. So, here is how to unsubscribe from the Google Birthdays Calendar.

How to Unsubscribe from Priceline Mailings

Imagine our surprise to discover that such a large, established organization as Priceline has omitted a little thing like an unsubscribe link from some of their mailings. The main Federal anti-spam law, CAN-SPAM, requires that, among other things, when a business puts you on their mailing list, they must include a link allowing you to easily opt-out, in every mailing. Priceline, however, provides no unsubscribe link, at least in some of their mailings. While we are sure that this is just an oversight on Priceline’s part, it nonetheless can be very frustrating for the Priceline mailing recipient who wishes to opt out of Priceline’s mailings.

Who is VIPSafeToday and Why Are They Text Message Spamming Me? is an outfit that claims to want to give you a loan – or even a payday loan – and they are letting people know by spamming their cell phones with a text message that reads “You qualify to get up to 1200 DOLLARS instantly at WWW.VIPSAFETODAY.COM – It takes only mins for approval. ‘NO’ to unsubscribe” This message is dastardly for several reasons – read on for the full information, and don’t text them “no” (or anything else) to ‘unsubscribe’!