Here’s How to Export Your Amazon Music Playlist List

If you have been frustrated trying to figure out how to export the list of songs and music from your Amazon Music playlist, well, you’re not alone. In fact, a search for this holy grail of playlist exports shows that people have been trying to export their Amazon playlists for years, to no avail. Now we’ve cracked the code – at least until Amazon finds this article and figures out how to thwart this method.

Sunday is Last Chance to Get Unlimited Data Plan for iPad 3G which Goes Away on Monday, June 7th

Say goodbye to our little friend, the unlimited 3G data plan for the iPad 3G + Wifi. Yes, it’s true, less than a month after rolling it out, AT and T has announced that they will be replacing the unlimited 3G data plan for iPad with a new, limited 3G data plan, known as the AT and T DataPro plan, effective Monday, June 7th. And the current $15.00 for 250MB per month plan has been reduced to 200MB per month under the new AT and T DataPlus plan. This means that if you are thinking of buying an iPad 3G, now is the time to do it, so that you can sign up for the unlimited data plan by Sunday.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the AT and T 3G Data Plan for the iPad 3G – with Lots of Screen Shots!

Yes, we now have a 3G iPad, and yes, we will post our reviews of it, and about transferring data from one iPad to another, and about the differences between the iPad original and iPad wifi + 3G. But for now, we wanted to quickly answer the question burning on everyone’s mind: just what is it like to sign up for AT&T’s no contract 3G data plan, and is it really as easy as they claim, and does it work! We’ve included lots of screen shots.