Facebook Runs Newspaper Ad in UK Telling People How to Spot Fake News (Full Text of Advertisement Here)

Facebook has taken out a full-page “Tips for Spotting False News” ad in British newspapers, telling people how to spot and avoid fake news ahead of the UK general election. Facebook has also been deleting tens of thousands of fake Facebook accounts that were created solely to spew false news stories, particularly ahead of elections. In fact, Facebook has said that ahead of this week’s election in France, they removed more than 30,000 accounts that were spreading fake news stories that could have (and were likely intended to) influence that election.

UK Discovers that People Want Internet Porn

UK agencies have once again been surprised, or, at least, shown a stunning lack of clue about human nature, as many choose the unavoidable choice of disabling the porn filter on their Internet connection. This according to the UK’s Ofcom, who are the independent regulator for Britain’s communications industries. Yes, it turns out that broadband users want their porn and other inappropriate (or at least non-child-friendly) content.

Project Optic Nerve: British Spooks Looking at Your Yahoo Webcam Chats Surprised to Find So Much T and A

It turns out that the U.S.’ NSA is not the only intelligence agency conducting privacy-invading surveillance on average citizens. The UK’s GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) has been quietly collecting data – including revealing screenshots of breasts and other body partsfrom Yahoo webcam chats – under an effort called Project Optic Nerve.