Why to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication Everywhere You Can – Here’s Where

Here is why you must set up two-factor authentication (also called 2-step verification) wherever you can. Many places now offer it, including Facebook (called “Facebook login approvals”), Paypal (“Paypal Security Key”), Twitter, and, of course, Gmail (Google). You may recently have read the story of how Naoki Hiroshima lost their Twitter account, valued at $50,000, to a hacker. Basically the hacker managed to get into and redirect Hiroshima’s email domain, allowing the hacker to do password resets on some of Hiroshima’s accounts, and intercept the password reset emails.

How to Set Up Google 2-Step Verification, and Why You Should

Your eyes may glaze over when anybody mentions Google two-step SMS verification (also known in some circles as Google 2-Factor Authentication), but in reality, if you have any sort of Google account (Gmail, etc.), and a cell phone to get a text message, it’s easy as pie to set up. It is certainly far easier to set up than it is to deal with the aftermath of someone hacking into your Google account.