Facebook Post Sends Martin Shkreli to Jail

You remember Martin Shkreli, right? He’s the guy who founded Turing Pharmaceuticals, and then acquired the only marketing rights in the U.S. to pyrimethamine (a drug used by, among others, HIV patients), marketed in the U.S. as Daraprim, boosting the price by 5500% per dose. Well, he wasn’t convicted for doing that, but he was convicted for securities fraud, and has been out on bail while awaiting sentencing. Except, a post that he made on Facebook just got him sent to jail. For a post he made on social media. Let’s repeat that – someone is going to jail for a post they made on Facebook. Here’s what Martin Shkreli’s post said:

Full Text of Daniel Kammen’s Letter of Resignation to President Trump Spelling Out ‘IMPEACH’ with the First Letter of Each Paragraph

Professor Daniel Kammen, up until today the State Department’s ‘Science Envoy’, has served in various Federal agency roles for over 20 years, since 1996. Today the UC Berkeley Professor of Energy, and Director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab (RAEL), sent President Trump a letter of resignation in which the first letter of each paragraph spells out “IMPEACH”. Here is the full text of that letter, which Professor Kammen posted on Twitter.

Charlottesville Incident Gives Rise to Social Media Mobs and Online Justice

No matter where your sympathies lie, nobody can deny that the events in Charlottesville on Saturday were tragic. As tensions that have been simmering for months erupted to a full boil this past weekend, opposing forces have been rallying their respective mobs in ways that harken back to the 1950s and ’60s in this country, and even the 1860s and ’70s. But with a twist: this time the mobs have taken not just to the street, but to social media, and vigilante justice has become online vigilante justice.

The Blue Whale Suicide Challenge Game for Teens – It’s Real Enough

The Blue Whale Challenge, also known as the Blue Whale Game, is purported to be a deadly game which targets teenagers online and through social media. Said to be named after the way a blue whale will beach itself and die, Blue Whale consists of 50 challenges, increasingly harmful, photographic completion of which you send back to your handler (known as the ‘curator’ or the ‘administrator’), with the final fiftieth challenge being suicide, also broadcast via social media.

Hater Intentionally Causes Seizure in Epileptic Reporter with “Weaponized Tweet”; Faces Federal Charges

John Rayne Rivello really disagreed with much of what journalist Kurt Eichenwald had to say about Donald Trump; in fact so much so that Rivello, under the assumed name Ari Goldstein and Twitter handle ‘jew_goldstein’, intentionally induced a seizure in Eichenwald, who openly suffers from epilepsy. In what the press is now calling a ‘weaponized Tweet’, Rivello sent Eichenwald a strobing animated GIF, which caused Eichenwald to immediate suffer a seizure upon opening it. The text on the image said “You deserve a seizure for your posts.”

Washington Post Columnist Suzi Parker Erroneously Reports Satirical Story About Sarah Palin Taking Host Position with Al Jazeera

The hashtag #SuziParkerScoops is swirling around Twitter in response to Washington Post columnist Suzi Parker reporting that Sarah Palin will be the new host for the Al Jazeera America channel. To be clear, Sarah Palin is not the new host. It was just last month that a satirical article from the Onion named North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un the Sexiest Man Alive for 2012, causing Asian media to report the story as if it were real.

Why I’m Not Following You on Twitter (and How to Keep Up with People on Twitter without Following Them)

This article is going to be controversial. Whether or not you should follow everyone who follows you on Twitter is a topic which engenders strong emotions and heated debate. In fact, just last week I was accused of “game playing” because I have 1600+ people who follow me on Twitter, while I ‘follow’ fewer than 50.

Federal Agencies to Include Your Social Media Accounts in Security Clearance Background Check

We’ve been telling readers for years that you need to be very careful about what you say and post on social media, whether Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, or other sites. It can be used against you in divorce proceedings, in lawsuits and criminal trials, and, of course, in the court of popular opinion. Now add another place it can be used against you to the list: during the background check for your Federal security clearance. (Full text of directive below.)