Twitter Announces New Feature That Allows Users to Access Archives to Download Tweet History

Twitter users will soon start seeing #TwitterArchive trending. Twitter has announced that they are now allowing users to download their entire archive history to store for their own personal files. The archiving feature will allow users to download past tweets and retweets, and users can look at their archives by month and search keywords, hashtags, usernames and phrases.

Big Bang’s Bill Prady Live Tweets Customer Service Nightmare with United Airlines

Bill Prady, executive producer of the hit show The Big Bang Theory, took to Twitter to air his grievances with United Airline’s customer service department. We’ve all been there, stuck in a never-ending customer service nightmare, being passed around from department to department, trying to reach an actual person, and then being disconnected and having to call back and start all over again.

Judge in Disorderly Conduct Trial of Malcolm Harris of Occupy Wall Street Orders Twitter to Turn Over Deleted Tweets

Twitter has been ordered to turn over the deleted tweets of Occupy Wall Street protestor, Malcolm Harris, after he was charged with disorderly conduct during an Occupy protest. In a controversial move, presiding Judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr. demanded that Twitter turn over Harris’ records for the period of time during the incident because, Sciarrino believes, there are tweets that could be relevant to the case.

Twitter Sued for Defamation Over Libelous Tweets

In a lawsuit that may have repercussions around the world, Twitter has been sued for defamation, based on its publication of alleged defamatory Tweets made by one of its users. The libelous Tweet was Tweeted by Australian personality Marieke Hardy, when she erroneously identified Joshua Meggitt as the author behind the ‘hate blog’, which was dedicated to, well, hating Hardy. [Note: The general difference between slander and libel is that slander is spoken, libel is written – so Hardy’s was a libelous Tweet, not a slanderous Tweet. Both slander and libel are defamation.]

Saudi Women Showing Body Parts Online in Effort to “Liberate Themselves from Social Restrictions”

Reports are coming out that there is a new trend amongst Saudi women looking to rebel, where they post pictures of various parts of their bodies to Facebook. While Americans may be used to the “Girls Gone Wild” brazenness of young women in in the US, the pictures posted by Saudi women are much more tame by American standards, but some Saudi people are extremely unhappy with what is displayed in the pictures.

U.S. President First: Obama Tweets, Takes Questions via Twitter

U.S. President Barack Obama will go down in social media history as the first president to hold a virtual Town Hall meeting, when today he took questions via Twitter, and sent out the first presidential Tweet ever. Using the hashtag #AskObama on Twitter, President Obama’s Whitehouse team has been collecting questions for the President, through Twitter, since last Thursday. By the day of the meeting, more than 60,000 messages (Tweets) on Twitter had referenced the #AskObama hashtag. The first official presidential Tweet was a question for the President’s Twitter followers: “In order to reduce the deficit, what costs would you cut and what investments would you keep? BO”

Super-Injunctions, Twitter, and Celebrities Explained

You may have noticed that the Internet is all a-Twitter (pun intended) over super-injunctions (a/k/a superinjunctions), but despite that, it may well be that you have no idea just what a super injuntion is, nor why you should care. If you are from the U.S. you’re even less likely to know, and so if you are asking yourself “What is a super-injunction?”, well, we’ll explain.

Twitter Adds Location to Your Tweets – Should You Tweet Your Location or Not?

Even though Twitter added location-based information services (“Twitter with Location”) to Twitter a few months ago, Twitter is only just now advising Twitter users that they can opt in to the new Twitter Location feature (it’s turned off by default, so you don’t have to opt out of Twitter with Location). Here’s how to use – and why you should, or shouldn’t use – Twitter’s Location based Tweet information.

Your Tweets Being Mined by Google and Displayed in Google News’ “Latest Results”

Google news has started mining Twitter to flesh out their latest news headline results, including displaying your tweets as “latest news” mixed in with the news headlines, in a rolling marquee that does an auto-refresh much like a Facebook page does. A perfect, albeit sad, example is today’s news that actor Andrew Koenig – son of Walter Koenig, who played Checkov in the original Star Trek – was found dead of an apparent suicide, in a park in Vancouver. As thousands tweeted about the sad event, their tweets started showing up in Google News along with news headlines about Koenig.

Twitter Explained in Plain English – What Twitter Is, and How to Use Twitter

Many, many people find themselves a bit lost when they first start using Twitter. They don’t really get how to use Twitter. They don’t really understand what Twitter is. Here is a clear, plain English, real-world explanation that answers the questions “What is Twitter?” and “How to use Twitter?” and that explains the various messaging functions of Twitter such as @, DM, D, Retweet, RT, and #, and including Anne’s famous “Party Analogy” for Twitter.

Couples’ Twitter Tweets Lead to Burglery?

Isreal Hyman and his wife were no doubt looking forward to their vacation a few weeks ago. Hyman, the proprietor of in Mesa, Arizona, shared his plans with his 2,000+ followers on Twitter. So when he became the victim of a home burglery (which differs from robbery in that the victim is not present), he had to wonder if the burgler had seen his Tweets.

Phil Spector Twittering from Prison?

It would seem that Phil Spector is Twittering from prison. While it seems unlikely, even unbelievable – and speculation about whether it’s really Phil Spector Twittering from jail, or an imposter, abounds – in reading the actual Twitter messages, if it’s not Phil Spector (whose full name is actually Harvey Phillip Spector, or “Harvey P. Spector”), then it’s a darned good facsimile Tweeting in Phil Spector’s name.