Deleted Social Media Messages Tell Story About Downing of Flight MH17

Almost immediately after Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down on Thursday, July 17, messages appeared on the Twitter and VK social media site accounts of the pro-Russian separatist Donetsk Republic(DNR) group, claiming responsibility. But the messages, attributed to DNR commander Igor Strelkov, claimed responsibility for downing an An-26 Ukrainian military plane. The messages were then hastily deleted as it became clear that the plane that was shot down was in fact a civilian commercial airliner.

Digital Disobedience by Juries Leads to Mistrials, New Jury Rules Against Jurors Using Smartphones to Google and Tweet

We’re all familiar with the movies and stories about jurors who skirt or even violate rules in the name of “real justice” (one of our favorites is the little-known movie Suspect, with Liam Neeson, Dennis Quaid, John Mahoney (best known as Frasier’s dad), and Cher). But it’s become a serious problem as the confluence of Google, social media, and smartphones in the pocket of every juror has led to a phenomenon known as the “Googling juror”, or “digital disobedience”. Put simply, jurors are taking matters into their own hands, doing extra-curricular (and extra-legal) research, which is throwing trials, and even causing mistrials.

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Takes Action as Revenge Porn Peddler, Hunter Moore Plans to Reopen Website that Allows Users to Upload Naked Pictures of Others, with Published Personal Addresses

Hunter Moore, the guy who invented revenge porn, is at it again and this time Internet hacktivist group Anonymous, specifically Kentucky Anonymous (@kyanonymous), has vowed to not let him get away with it in a campaign they’ve dubbed “Operation Hunt Hunter,” or, #OpHuntHunter. Despite the fact that he sold his original revenge porn website, where users could submit naked pictures of others without consent, to an anti-bullying organization, and wrote what appeared to be a heartfelt letter apologizing for the mayhem his site caused, he told, “I literally had a half pound of cocaine on a fucking table with like 16 of my friends and we were busting up laughing taking turns writing this stupid letter.”

Big Bang’s Bill Prady Live Tweets Customer Service Nightmare with United Airlines

Bill Prady, executive producer of the hit show The Big Bang Theory, took to Twitter to air his grievances with United Airline’s customer service department. We’ve all been there, stuck in a never-ending customer service nightmare, being passed around from department to department, trying to reach an actual person, and then being disconnected and having to call back and start all over again.

Anti-Obama Twitter Twit Teen Kristen Neel Shuts Down Her Twitter Account Days After Comment About Australia’s Male Christian President

“I’m moving to Australia, because their president is Christian and actually supports what he says” Tweeted Kristen Neel, in her now famous tweet. And the backlash that the anti-Obama teen faced because of that comment has finally caused her to disable her Twitter account. It was not because the comments she received were threatening, it was because they were merely pointing out what a twit she is.

Twitter Sued for Defamation Over Libelous Tweets

In a lawsuit that may have repercussions around the world, Twitter has been sued for defamation, based on its publication of alleged defamatory Tweets made by one of its users. The libelous Tweet was Tweeted by Australian personality Marieke Hardy, when she erroneously identified Joshua Meggitt as the author behind the ‘hate blog’, which was dedicated to, well, hating Hardy. [Note: The general difference between slander and libel is that slander is spoken, libel is written – so Hardy’s was a libelous Tweet, not a slanderous Tweet. Both slander and libel are defamation.]

Did You Get the “TWITTER: Someone has a crush on you!” Email? Stay Far Away!

“TWITTER: Someone has a crush on you!” the subject of the email says as it announces that someone has a Tweetcrush on you. “You have been sent a Twitter Crush,” it goes on to say. Bologna. It’s a phishing scam, pure and simple. But, it’s a pretty compelling one, given how ‘authentic’ the site, which is hosted at, looks, where they steal your Twitter username and password.

U.S. President First: Obama Tweets, Takes Questions via Twitter

U.S. President Barack Obama will go down in social media history as the first president to hold a virtual Town Hall meeting, when today he took questions via Twitter, and sent out the first presidential Tweet ever. Using the hashtag #AskObama on Twitter, President Obama’s Whitehouse team has been collecting questions for the President, through Twitter, since last Thursday. By the day of the meeting, more than 60,000 messages (Tweets) on Twitter had referenced the #AskObama hashtag. The first official presidential Tweet was a question for the President’s Twitter followers: “In order to reduce the deficit, what costs would you cut and what investments would you keep? BO”