How to Find Your Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Settings and Info

If you accept payments via Paypal, there are all sorts of things that you can connect to your Paypal payments that require you to set your Paypal Instant Notification (IPN) settings. For example, you can have someone who has paid you by Paypal automatically sent a customer email, or have them added to an autoresponder or mailing list. Here’s how to turn on your Paypal Instant Payment Notifications, and how to edit your IPN settings.

How to Turn Off All of Those Annoying ‘Words with Friends’ Sounds While Still Leaving On the Notification Alerts

How many times has it happened? You miss that it’s your move in Words with Friends because you’ve turned the sound off on your phone. So you turn it on, and instantly get annoyed all over again by all of those other Words with Friends sounds. You know the ones – the sounds that get made within the Words with Friends game every…single……make. Argh! Well, it’s actually really easy to turn off all of the game sounds in Words with Friends, while still being notified with a sound when it’s your move. Here’s how.

Instantly Google with Google Instant Search – Google Instant Search Explained

Today’s Google news is all about the new Google Instant Search ‘type to search’ feature, or, as its friends call it, Google Instant. You may be asking yourself “aren’t searches on Google already instant?”, and it’s true that there are few things that take less time than a Google search. A quick action should no longer be measured against how quickly you can say “Jack Robinson” – we do things faster on the Internet these days, and Google is largely to thank. A Google search, in short, is a paradigmatic example of an almost instant human act. (It didn’t take me more than a couple seconds to figure out that I was trying to reference a saying involving a guy named “Jack Robinson,” for example.)