First Serious Mac Infection: Flashback Trojan

Up until now Mac owners have been relatively safe (and smug) when it came to the infectability of their computers. Worms, trojans, viruses, and other malware were considered to be primarily the domain of Windows. That may have changed last week, however, when the Russian security company, Dr. Web, reported that as many as a half a million Macs are already infected with what is being called the “Flashback Trojan”. Here’s how to know if you have Flashback Trojan, and how to get rid of Flashback Trojan.

“Web Security” Pop-Up Trojan Making Rounds Again, This Time Attacking Both Windows and Macs

The “Security Alert” trojan, sometimes known as a ‘rogue antivirus’ attack, is making the rounds again. First spotted a few years ago, until recently the “web security” antivirus alert trojan targeted mainly PCs, tricking Windows users into downloading the evil ‘BestAntivirus2011.exe’ file by telling them that “To help protect your computer Windows web security have detected trojans and ready to remove them.” (Note the poor language usage.) Now this same tactic is being used to attack Mac users – all that has changed is the “Windows” to “Apple” and the file name (‘MacProtector.mpkg for Macs’) – even the poor language remains the same! “To help protect your computer Apple web security have detected trojans and ready to remove them.” says the pop-up. Don’t fall for it, and whatever you do, don’t click on “Remove all”, which will cause the malware to be downloaded to your computer.

Beware Fake Parking Tickets that Cause You to Download Trojan Malware

A devious new method of getting unsuspecting users to download Trojan malware to their computers takes the form of a fake parking ticket placed on their car’s windshield. The ticket, reading “PARKING VIOLATION This vehicle is in violation of standard parking regulations,” contains a web address to download a “toolbar” to view images of the car that is the subject of the “ticket”. Of course, the ‘toolbar’ isn’t really a toolbar at all – it’s the Trojan.