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Hot or Not, the early-Internet Dating Website that Helped Shape Social Media as We Know It Today

Long before Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, and Tinder, there was HOT or NOT. The social site was founded in 2000 by two buddies, James Hong and Jim Young.

stir dating app for single parents
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Our Take on Whether Stir the New Dating App for Single Parents is Any Good

So what’s the deal with Stir, the new dating app for single parents from the group behind Tinder, Hinge, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, and others? If you’re here, you’re either already aware of Match Group’s new app, “Stir”, and looking for another opinion of it; or you’re here to learn about it. Either way, read on – We got what you’re lookin’ for (unless you’re lookin’ for another single parent who you can woo via text messages, we don’t got any of that here).

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Matchr – The New Dating Site Profiles Card Game

Matchr, the new card game where every card is a real profile from a dating site, and you match them up, may very well be the Cards Against Humanity of 2016. While some are saying that it’s based on Tinder, let’s face it, online dating site profiles are, for the most part, pretty much fungible.

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The Truth Behind New York’s Ban on Tiger Selfies

You may have heard that New York is banning Tiger Selfies after a spate of them on dating app Tinder. What, you may be asking yourself, is a tiger selfie (and for that matter, what is Tinder), and why would NY pass a law to ban them? We explain, and clear up some misconceptions.