Target Will Match Amazon Prices on the Spot! Here is How to Get that Amazon Price at Target

We’ve all done the in-store/Amazon price matching game: perusing the aisles of a nearby retailer and then whipping out our smartphones to see if we can find better online prices at Amazon. Well Target wants everyone to know how to get Amazon prices at Target: just ask. They have announced that they will match prices of Amazon, all year round. And Target is not stopping with Amazon, they will also price match qualifying merchandise to the prices advertised on the websites of Best Buy, Toys R Us {Ed. note: as of March, 2018, Toys R Us is closing for good}, and Walmart!

Target Discontinues Giving Red Card Proceeds to Schools, Cancels Take Charge of Education Program

One of the advantages of having a Target Red card, whether the credit card or check debit card, in addition to free shipping when you order online from Target, was that you could feel good that 5% of the profits from your purchase were being given by Target to a school of your choice, through the Target Take Charge of Education program. Well, not any more. Target has just announced that they are terminating the Target Take Charge of Education program, effective six months from now, in May, 2016.

Geek Squad Now Available at Target

If you walk into a Target store and see someone from the Geek Squad hanging out, don’t worry, you didn’t inadvertently walk into Best Buy. Chances are you’ve walked into one of the Target locations that has their very own Geek Squad. A joint venture between Best Buy and Target, the new program will put Geek Squad agents in 29 Target stores, to start, with the first one wave concentrating heavily in the Denver, Colorado area.

About the “New Rape Scam! Please Read!” Scam (Also with the Title “New Way To Abduct Female”)

A new version of the years-old ‘attempted abduction and rape in Target parking lot’ scam is making the rounds. “NEW  RAPE SCAM!  PLEASE READ!” the headline screams, going on to exhort the readers to “Please  pass on to all your girlfriends, wives, etc. Just  to be on the safe side. Please be aware  and pass  it on to anyone you think this will help.”. This newest version even says that the info checks out on mythbusting website Snopes where, in fact, it absolutely doesn’t check out.

What’s the Big Deal about “Exercise Bike Clearance” and Target Gaming Google Search Results?

There is a lot of chatter on the Internet today about the search term “Exercise Bike Clearance” and how Target has been gaming Google search results so that no matter what you search for (such as, for instance, “Exercise Bike Clearance”) you will find a link to a Target page in the top of the search results, even though Target doesn’t have the item for which you are searching. In fact, that’s even more the rub – because these Google listings pointing and linking to are a result from Target telling you that “We could not find matches for {your search term}. Please try your search again.”