Cell Phone Screen Cracked or Charging Port not Working? Tablet Speakers on the Fritz? Cell Savers to the Rescue!

If you are wondering where you can get your cracked or broken screen replaced, or water damage fixed, on your iPhone, iPad, Samsung or Google smart phone, or other mobile device, what if we told you that you can have it fixed right in your own home or office? That’s exactly what Cell Savers does: they come right to you and repair your broken mobile phone or tablet, all at a very reasonable price!

How to Password Protect and Disable Wifi on an Android Phone or Tablet

The response to our tutorial on how to password protect and disable the wifi on an iPod Touch or iPad (or iPhone, for that matter) has been amazing. So many people want to be able to completely disable Internet access on these smart devices so that they can let their children use them without worry that they will get into something online that they shouldn’t. So here is our tutorial on how to disable wifi (with password protection) on an Android phone or tablet.

AT&T Rolls Out Live and Streaming TV on Mobile Devices

AT&T is offering live streaming television direct to your smartphone or tablet, and even your Android or Apple Watch, through its U-Verse apps and offerings. While you do have to have an AT&T U-verse television package that includes home television (and includes giving you a DVR), there is no reason you have to use it at home or use the DVR, you can choose to access only the online streaming service.

Market to Barnes and Noble: Your Nook is a Bomb, Go Back to Books and Leave Tablets to the Kindle and iPad

Readers of all ages and backgrounds love a trip to Barnes & Noble for the selection, the atmosphere, and the service. And that really great coffee. But lovers of e-books have ignored Barnes and Noble’s proprietary Nook e-reader in favor of the iPad from Apple and Kindle from Amazon. As a result, the foray into its own tablet has hemorrhaged loses to the point that the retailer appears to have given up on the much ballyhooed effort.

New Android Lookout App Emails Photo of Thief to Owners of Stolen Android Phones and Tablets

An Android app that helps you catch your smartphone or tablet thief is an idea whose time has come! If you are the owner of one of these phones, a stolen phone is one of the worst fates that can fall upon your phone, behind being left behind or falling in a toilet. Well now Android users can rest assured that they now have a way to increase the chances of recovering their phones; with the Lock Cam app, by Lookout Mobile Security service.

The New Kindle Fire: The First Tablet to Get it Right and Offer Full Parental Controls?

The new Kindle Fire HD has broken the mold by being the only tablet to finally offer parental controls over what their kids access. While parents go to great lengths to control their child’s TV and PC usage, the tablets have managed to slip by the radar, allowing children unhindered access to the very same things that parents have kept them from on other devices. And at only $199, this kid-friendly tablet has quite an attractive pricetag.

Apple Wins Big Over Samsung: Federal Jury Awards Apple Over $1 Billion from Samsung for Patent Infringement

The verdict is in: Samsung must pay Apple $1.5 billion for smartphone patent infringement. The lawsuit, filed by Apple Inc. last year, accused Samsung of copying the design of iPhones and iPads. Jurors on Friday produced a 20-page verdict, agreeing with Apple’s assertion that Samsung’s smartphones copied the design of the Apple iPhone, in both design and features. Apple lawyers produced pictures of the Samsung smartphones both before and after the introduction of the iPhone.

Handwriting Recognition for the iPad

The one thing that people have really been missing on the iPad (well, besides a camera) has been handwriting recognition for the iPad. Well, the good people at PhatWare, who really know handwriting recognition (they are the authors of, among others, the awesome Calligrapher software) have just released their handwriting recognition app for the iPad.