How to Transfer Notes from Your iPod Touch or iPhone Directly to Your Computer

One of the most frustrating things about the iPod Touch and iPhone is that they have a wonderful, and even beautiful, Notes program, but you can’t sync or even directly transfer your notes from your iPod Touch or iPhone to your computer unless you jailbreak your device or transfer them to a third-party service and then download them again. What’s up with that?

The New Apple Music Service in the Cloud, Called, of Course, iCloud

The netosphere is a’buzz with the announcement of Apple’s new cloud-based streaming music service. The Apple music service is actually part of a cloudy storage service called iCloud (what else?). iCloud is an online storage and “syncing” service which allows you to “sync” calendars, contacts, email, photos, documents, ebooks, and yes, your music, across multiple devices. The music part of it basically allows you to store your iTunes library in ‘the cloud’ and access it from any capable device. (We put “sync” in quotes because technically it’s not really syncing, it’s having your data “pushed” and downloaded to each of your devices, on demand, but many users still think of it as syncing.)

The Other Review of the Android Sidekick 4G

As promised, here are our impressions of the new Android Sidekick, the first Sidekick with a touch screen, out this week from T-Mobile. The first thing to know is that this is one sweet phone, with the always-superlative Sidekick keyboard, which blows all other slider QWERTY keyboards out of the water, and blazing-fast 4G. There are already a few standard reviews out there – this review is the ‘other’ review, with missing tidbits and tips not found in those other reviews, like why is Gmail not syncing on the Sidekick 4G? And where is the flash on the 4G Sidekick? And does this version of the Sidekick still have those auto text macros (automatic word replacement) built in?