Wondering What are FANG Stocks? We Explain (Hint: They Should Now Be Called FANA Stocks)

In recent months you may have heard the term “FANG stocks” to refer to a particular group of stocks. More specifically, a particular group of high tech, high performing stocks. Those stocks are Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (hence F-A-N-G). Of course, the parent company for Google is now Alphabet, so these really should be called FANA stocks.

Twitter Stocks Plummet – Is Twitter’s Honeymoon Over?

So what constitutes a lousy honeymoon? For some people it is a rainy week at a resort. For others it means that everyone on their cruise ship got sick or food poisoning. And for one unlucky fellow recently, it meant getting shoved off a cliff by his bride. Well, Twitter’s stock value honeymoon ranks somewhere in that range between food poisoning and murder. (Although we’d still place it far above than Facebook’s botched IPO.)

Facebook Stock Prices Dip More than 10 Percent after IPO

After all the hype, Facebook’s newly traded stock plunged nearly 11% between its opening day (Friday, May 18) and the following Monday (May 21). Compare that to Google, whose stock never even fell back to their IPO price of $100.00 per share, let alone went below the initial offering price. Facebook’s IPO price opened at $38.00 per share, and by the close of the market on Monday, it had dipped down to $34.03, a decline of 10.99%.