Amazon Threatens Me with Termination of My Top Reviewer Status for No Real Reason

A little over a year ago we told you how to become an Amazon reviewer that gets free stuff in exchange for writing reviews. Then, in October of 2016 Amazon changed the rules and ever since then reviewers are no longer allowed to receive free or discounted things in exchange for writing a review (with books being the one exception). In fact, if a reviewer is caught receiving products in exchange for a review they can be terminated as a reviewer, with all of their reviews deleted. (That actually happened to their #1 reviewer, without Amazon giving him any explanation at all.)

Are You a Facebook Organ Donor?

At last, Facebook is leveraging their massive influence on the population for a good cause. Facebook is trying to boost organ donation by including a new status: organ donor. In addition, they are pushing the initiative, to encourage people to sign up to be organ donors. And it’s working.

Unfortunately, you can only update your status if you have caved to the new “Timeline” feature (which many of us have not – but that’s ok for us, as we have been organ donors for decades).

The Whole Facebook “I Like it on the”… Explained

If you are on Facebook (and according to the most recent stats, over 500 million of you are), then you may have noticed that many of your Facebook friends (mainly women) have posted a status update that reads “I like it on the floor”, or “I like it on the kitchen table” or “I like it on the couch”… you get the idea. You may be disappointed to learn that these ladies aren’t talking about where they like to get frisky. Rather, they are talking about…