Why You Want to Use the Starbucks App Instead of Your Starbucks Card

If you have a Starbucks card, and aren’t already using the Starbucks app for iPhone or the Starbucks app or Android, well, you really should give it a try. And it isn’t just because Starbucks cards add to the bulk in your wallet – and it isn’t just because the Starbucks app allows you to find the closest Starbucks store when you are jonesing for some Starbucks coffe (although the Starbucks location finder is pretty sweet), lets you check open jobs at Starbucks, lets you store your best Starbucks drink in the app, or lets you send Starbucks gifts (even reloading someone else’s Starbucks card!). No, in our opinion you want the “my Starbucks card” app, because not only does it let you do a Starbucks card reload right on the spot (including using Paypal!), but it let’s you consolidate all of your Starbucks card balances onto one card – even from Starbucks cards you may have lost and not seen for years!