Michigan Woman Cheryl Nelson Stalks Self on Facebook in Effort to Frame Ex Boyfriend

If you are thinking about creating multiple fake Facebook accounts in an effort to make it appear that your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend are stalking you, and if you are thinking about calling the police multiple times to report – relying on “evidence” from Facebook profiles that you yourself created – that your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend are in fact stalking you, you should probably hear the story of Michigan’s Cheryl Nelson first. Nelson allegedly weaved the web of deceit just described, essentially stalking herself on Facebook, with the main targets being her ex-boyfriend Kevin Haarsma and his new girlfriend. For her efforts Nelson is currently facing criminal charges for falsely reporting a felony.

“Take This Lollipop” – What it Is, and Why You Should Watch It

“Take This Lollipop”, the creepy Facebook tour through your personal information, is an excellent example of something we have been trying to pound into your heads all along: putting personal information on the Internet (such as location based check ins) can be dangerous. More to the point: most people have no idea how much personal information they really have revealed online, and how easy it is to track them down, stalking them, and worse. “Take this Lollipop” is technically a Facebook app, which is how (and why) it asks for you to log in using Facebook Connect, something that we also advise against.